A series of strategies
that helps to meet our corporate goals.

Premium Quality

The first and foremost step is to choose suitable fabric for particular product. A selection process of raw material is test driven to produce exceptional quality. A predefined strategic test also take place at every fresh stock of raw material to avoid deviation in product quality. We use Micro Modal and cotton modal fabric which are 3 times softer than cotton. Material is not only the reason of premium quality, high performance automatic machines are also play its role.


Designing is the most creative part of the production process. A professional design expert team works constantly for creative designs that attracts customers globally. Different designing team works to design different products for better creativity, versatility and productivity. Designers prepares unique designs by keeping in mind that which design can be applied on which fabric. Other characteristics of product like style, colour, shape, cutting and sewing are also in consideration for the best combination.

Manufacturing Process








Product Development

An agile yet robust methodology is being used for execution of product development. Advanced and modern technology driven knitting machines used for standard development. Maintenance of these machines are equally important for production. Highly skilled engineers takes this responsibility for flawless production. Each and every machinery being observed by engineers and put on maintenance mode periodically. To be updated in this rapidly changing industry, product development strategies are being discussed from time to time.

On Demand – On Time

To understand the demand of market, we used to analyse demand in different aspects like design, uniqueness, durability product. As an outcome of analysis, we can balance productivity. Besides manufacturing our own brand products, we are dedicated to manufacture products on demand of our customers and take care to deliver it on time. As a reputed industrialist, we understand the requirements of our customers and fulfil it by giving importance to the relationship.

Warehouse & Distribution

Our warehouse and Distribution facility in spread in 75,000 Sq. Ft for packaging and shipping and sales channels in more than 100 cities for distribution. Warehouse has a capability of loading and unloading area for various shipments like inward shipment of raw material, ready to dispatch shipment. Stock management and inventory system is handled by software system. Software is capable of barcode scanning to track shipment and alert about scheduled delivery.